SSST Update!

Friday (today) is the first day of training for Race Team. If your athlete has joined the Snowboard, Free Ski, or Development Team, the first day of training will be Saturday, December 5, 2015. Weekend Race Team members will start on Saturday, November 14, 2015. On-snow training hours for Friday are 2:00-4:00.

The Season Pass office will open at 8:30 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Since training will start at 9:00 and go to 1:30 on the weekend, you may want to get your pass picture taken when the office opens. There will undoubtedly be lines.

The Season Pass List is updated daily. As soon as your waivers are completed and fees are paid, your athlete’s name will be added to the list.

Tomorrow afternoon the Drop Off Passes will be available during training. We will, by the end of next week, have two for each family, but tomorrow there will just be one per family. The guidelines for the use of the pass are as follows:
• Place the pass on your dashboard so it can be seen by the parking lot personnel.
• They will allow you to drive up to the drop off area to park for no longer than 15 minutes to walk your athletes up for training.
• Please remember that athletes are not allowed to be in the clubhouse unattended. Accompany your athlete until he/she is ready to go to training.
• There will be a coach in the Tyndall Haus 30 minutes before training. Once a coach or another parent arrives, they will take over the supervision duty.
The coaches will be checking on passes before each training session.

If you arrive at Tyndall before the door is unlocked, you will need to go to Security to borrow the key. Security has moved to the old Host Department office. It is no longer below Tyndall Haus. A Key Privilege List will be delivered there tomorrow. Only adults may borrow the key. Make sure that you remember to return the key promptly.

Have fun on the slopes, and think snow!