Christmas Camp for Full-time Race Team

Below is the Christmas Camp Calendar and also the list of the racers by Group.  There are six days of GS training prior to Christmas Eve and Christmas, and six days of SL training prior to New Years day.  Most of the days show a training time of 9:00-2:00, and then an additional hour of training for particular reindeer-named groups of athletes.  Each group will receive one additional hour each week.  For example, on Saturday, December 19 all athletes will train GS from 9:00-2:00.  Then, the Comet Group will have that extra hour.  To find out who the Comet Group is, look at the Group List to see who those six athletes are.

Please notice that there are two days on the second week that include activities to which parents are invited: on Tuesday, December 29 there will be a Parent Tuning Clinic, and then on Wednesday, December 30 there is a Parent/Athlete Goal Setting Activity.

We have 47 racers, 6 of whom are Weekend Only members.  If your family has chosen the weekend only option, Saturday and Sunday are the only Camp days that your racer may attend.  If you decide that you are available and would like to have your racer become Full-Time, contact Kris or Barbara.

2015 Christmas Camp Groups Christmas Camp Calendar