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Although we still consider ourselves a part of the Snow Summit Sports Teams, Snow Summit Race Team has been our name since somewhere between 1961 and 1963.  We will always be the Snow Summit Race Team and when we sign up for USSA races, we use the name SSRT.


The athletes will be out of school this Friday and they will be spending countless hours on the area, so we now need to review the Tyndall Haus rules.  The Tyndall Haus is provided as a locker room for the racers.  Once a team member moves up to the race team, he is provided with a locker, boot drying space, and ski storage tubes.  This season each racer has been provided four ski storage tubes.  It is expected that poles will be stored inside the locker or hanging off a pair of their skis.


Only the racers are allowed to store their equipment in the Tyndall Haus.  That is their privilege which is earned when they “move up”.  Racers are provided a ski tuning area in which member parents are allowed to assist their racers in tuning their skis, although we also have racers who are mature enough and capable of tuning their skis on their own.  This is allowed (although we would hope that the child has had an orientation from the coaches regarding the proper way of tuning their skis).  If you are uncertain whether your child has the knowledge and experience to tune his own skis, request a list of suggested tools and a lesson from your child’s coach.


Think about the financial investment you have made in your child’s racing equipment, then look around the Tyndall Haus and start multiplying that number by 51 or more racers and up to 4 pairs of skis.  Do you wonder why we want the Tyndall Haus locked at all times?  Then, while you are thinking about all of that equipment, think about all the bodies that use that equipment.   The Tyndall Haus is “full to the seams” with racers.  That is why we do not allow visitors in the locker room.  If you have guests come to Summit, meet them downstairs.  You may not take them into the team room while you tune skis or your children change.


Finally, while you are thinking about all of that equipment and all of those bodies, then think about the tuning tables, the hot irons, hot p-tex, files, sharp edges, and the liability of a child left alone in the Tyndall Haus.  The potential for danger is great and the liability is staggering.  NO CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED TO BE LEFT ALONE IN THE TYNDALL HAUS.  This rule is in place to protect our children and their equipment.


What does this mean for you?  When you arrive at Summit to drop off your child, you can either park and walk your child up to Tyndall Haus, or you can park and wait in your car while your child goes up the stairs.  If there is no adult in the room, you need to have your child wave to you to borrow the key from Guest Services and come upstairs to let him in and wait until he leaves the room.  You must be his chaperone if there is no one to chaperone for him.


If another child comes into the room while you are waiting for your child, you may assume the chaperone duty for that child. Hopefully you will be able to spend the extra five or so minutes to allow that child to get out to practice, because in the future you may need the help of that child’s parent for your child.  If you allow a child to come into the room and you need to leave, let him know that you will give him five minutes and then he will have to leave because you have to leave.  When you do leave, make sure the doors are securely closed.  (Also, make sure you return the key to Guest Services!)

We have a lot of children who carpool to practice after school.  We expect that the carpool person will budget in an extra 15 minutes to get the racers out to the snow.  Of course, if there is a coach in the room when you drop off your racers, the coach will be the chaperone for the kids.

Please make sure that you are prompt to pick up your racer.  There should be a coach to chaperone approximately one-half hour after training.  If you are going to be later than that, you will need to make arrangements with your child to meet somewhere else (like down by Guest Services).

Because of the possibility of children being found unchaperoned in the Tyndall Haus, the Board has enacted a “Three Strike” Rule. The first time a child is found unchaperoned in the Tyndall Haus, he will receive a warning, a note will be made in his file, and a call will be made to his parents.  The second time a child is found unchaperoned, a call will go home, a note will be placed in his file, and he will lose Tyndall Haus privileges for one week.  The third time the child is found unchaperoned in the Tyndall Haus, a call will go home, a note will be placed in his file, and he will have to go before the Disciplinary Committee.  The Disciplinary Committee may impose any length of loss of privileges, including loss for the rest of the season.

While we are on the subject of “care and custody,” the coaches have brought up an issue that we all need to clarify.  At the D-team level, we expect that no racer will ever be left alone.  If a D-team child needs to use the restroom, someone will take him, wait for him, and escort him back to the group.  Rest period is a group event.  All members of the teaching group will have their break together and they will be chaperoned the whole time.  Kids are expected to stay in their group, and as you know, we dress the kids in uniforms not only because it is a “badge of proficiency and honor” which identifies them as members of the team, but also as a means for their coach to quickly identify the members of his group, so that he knows where they are at all times.  This is also true for race team.  Although usually our race team members are older than our D-team members and they have more freedom of movement, we still expect their coaches to have a watchful eye on them during training times.  This is especially important during the vacation period, when we have so many people on the slopes and milling around on the area.  The coaches expect that the group members with whom they go out on the hill will be the same members who return to the Tyndall Haus with them.  If you need to pick up your child early from training, it is expected that you will send a note to the coach (preferably the day before) and state the time that you will come to pick up your child.  You will be expected to meet your child at the base of chair 1.  Also, make sure that your child knows that when his group is out for training, he needs to be with the group.  If he doesn’t feel like participating, maybe he should take the day off so he will be rested and ready to participate the next day.

Please remind your children that eating in the Tyndall Haus is a privilege.  To maintain that privilege, they need to make sure that they throw away their trash and uneaten food.

Now, if your child is a Weekend Race Team child, he may only train during the weekend.  This is also true for D-team.  But, if your child is Full Time Race Team, there will be a lot of training available.

A training calendar is posted on the website.  It is also emailed so you can print the calendar for your racer.

We hope that you will discuss this clarification of expectations with your racers.

Last weekend four Development Team members passed the test for Race Team.  Congratulations to new Race Team members Josh Baron, Taylor Drake, Thomas Murphy, and Melanie Syrios!  We are attaching a new listing of Christmas Camp Groups which includes the new members.  Remember that all full time participants will attend the 9:00-2:00 sessions, and then just the designated Reindeer groups will have an extra hour of small group attention one day each week.

Your Snow Summit Race Team Board of Directors