SSRT Training Schedules for January 25-31 & News Update

Training schedules for next week: Weekly Training Schedules January 25-31

Please notice that Kyle is suggesting that race team participants who are home next weekend, January 31, participate in the USASA skier cross at Snow Summit.  There are two events on that day.  A one-day USASA membership costs $30 and each of the race entries cost $35.  This site shows the USASA events:

The coaches think that this event will be great for introducing the athletes to speed and terrain.

If you and your racer make the decision not to participate in the skier cross events, there will be alternative training provided.

This weekend we will be running the South Series GS on Ego Trip.  If you are working the race, make sure that you wear layers. There may be some light snow, but if the temperature is above freezing, it might get damp, so dress accordingly.

Congratulations to U10 athlete Lanie Williams, U12 athlete Sean Dolan, U14 athlete Logan Mandolini, U16 athlete Devin Deiranieh, and U16 athlete Ty Savage who took the race team test last weekend and qualified for race team.  Logan has chosen to move to the All Mountain Team.