Development (“D”) Team

Snow Summit Development Team

Welcome to the Snow Summit Race Team! The race team provides programs for athletes from age 7-18 and a variety of skill levels.

All new members to the team start by joining the Development Team. The Development Team (“D-Team”) is a weekend 9 AM to 1:30 PM program. Minimum age for D-Team attendance is 7, though very independent 6 year olds may be accepted. D-Team members need to be able to:

  • Get up and down the hill independently with confidence and basic skills.
  • Load all chairlifts independently.
  • Learn and follow directions while participating in group activities.

The D-Team program is a 16-week program with 9 hours of training each week, 4.5 hours on Saturday and 4.5 hours on Sunday. This season the first date of training is scheduled for Saturday, December 2, 2017 and the final date of training will be Sunday, March 18, 2018.

Once the D-Team members progress through the skill levels, they will be invited to take a skills test. Upon successful completion of the test, the D-Team member will be invited to join the All Mountain Team or the Race Team.

The membership fee for the Development Team is $1,500. For this fee, parents will have no race work or fundraising duties. In addition to the membership fee, athletes pay for their anytime Cali4nia pass, uniform rental, and Goldsmith race entries. The greatly reduced pass fee for team members is $100 for athletes 13 and under or $200 for athletes 14 and over.

The uniform deposit and rental is $100, and the Goldsmith entry fee is $75. Thus, the total fee is $1,775 for 13 and under, or $1,875 for 14 and older.

Finally, all team members must join USSA and Far West. This is done through The membership category is Alpine General Membership and the fee is $15 for USSA and $10 for Far West.

Returning Development Team members will most likely already have their $50 uniform rental fee paid from the prior year, so they only pay an additional $50 on subsequent years, thus their final fees are $1,725 for 13 and under, or $1,825 for 14 and older. They also need to renew their USSA and Far West memberships prior to October 15 through

Once the athletes have mastered the skills, taken the test, and been invited to move up, then they can choose to move up to the Full Time Race Team, the Weekend Race Team, or the All Mountain Team.

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