Sat Ladies N0195

Sat Men N0196

U10L Sat N0025 by class

U10L Sat N0025

U10Men Sat N0026 by class

U10Men Sat N0026

Sun Ladies N0197

Sun Men N0198

U10L Sun N0027 by class

U10L Sun N0027

U10M Sun N0028 by class

U10M Sun N0028


NYE torchlightHappy Holidays! I hope you’ve been able to get out and enjoy the awesome snow conditions here in Big Bear. More snow and cold temps are on the way this week so it looks like we’ll kick off the new year right!

We had our first race of the season yesterday. The format was geared more towards the younger kids – slalom with panels. Results: Goldsmith Race 1 Results for Race Team and Masters | Goldsmith Race 1 Results for Development Team and Novices

Stephanie Lebby was officially named to the US Alpine Ski Team’s Women’s Development Team.

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To Complete Your Membership Package

Proof of completion of the following tasks must be submitted to Maureen Auer.  No one else is authorized to accept applications or to determine fees.  Maureen’s phone number is 760-522-5250.  Please call to make arrangements to turn in your forms and fees.

Required Information:

1)       A photocopy of the front and back of your current medical insurance card

2)       Appropriate fees for membership, uniform rental ($100 for new members or $50 if you have a $50 roll-over from last season), Goldsmith Race Series entry ($50 for full time race team, $75 for all other racers, and $100 for adults.), and “Think Snow” tickets ( $90 for those doing the fund-raising work-off).

3)       Proof of completion of the EZ Waiver Membership Forms on: See below for directions.

4)       Athlete Travel Credit Card Authorization Form for team travel participants.  This card will only be charged for travel billing if the balance remains unpaid after 30 days from the billing invoice.

Parent Handout

Credit Card Authorization Form

Packet and Payment Deadline:

Complete packets (paperwork and fees) are due by October 19, 2014.  Members who turn in their packets after this date will work the Victor Alvarez Race Fund-raiser, rather than the Think Snow Fund-raiser.