Stephanie Lebby was officially named to the US Alpine Ski Team’s Women’s Development Team.

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To Complete Your Membership Package

Proof of completion of the following tasks must be submitted to Maureen Auer.  No one else is authorized to accept applications or to determine fees.  Maureen’s phone number is 760-522-5250.  Please call to make arrangements to turn in your forms and fees.

Required Information:

1)       A photocopy of the front and back of your current medical insurance card

2)       Appropriate fees for membership, uniform rental ($100 for new members or $50 if you have a $50 roll-over from last season), Goldsmith Race Series entry ($50 for full time race team, $75 for all other racers, and $100 for adults.), and “Think Snow” tickets ( $90 for those doing the fund-raising work-off).

3)       Proof of completion of the EZ Waiver Membership Forms on: See below for directions.

4)       Athlete Travel Credit Card Authorization Form for team travel participants.  This card will only be charged for travel billing if the balance remains unpaid after 30 days from the billing invoice.

Parent Handout

Credit Card Authorization Form

Packet and Payment Deadline:

Complete packets (paperwork and fees) are due by October 19, 2014.  Members who turn in their packets after this date will work the Victor Alvarez Race Fund-raiser, rather than the Think Snow Fund-raiser.

Tomorrow is Hot Dawgs and Hand Rails at Bear Mountain.  This is the last day that the passes will be sold at the lowest price of the season.  The low cost pass orders will also be honored over Internet pass sales tomorrow only.  This is the time for parents and race team siblings to get their passes.  The Dual Mountain passes and ALSO the NEW Cali-4-nia 4-Resort (Snow Summit, Bear Mountain, Mammoth Mountain, and June Lake) passes will be sold.

It has taken days of asking questions, but I have been assured that racers on the Development, Weekend, and Full-time race teams will be receiving the usual dual-mountain anytime passes and we are negotiating for the 4-resort pass upgrade either free or at a very reasonable upgrade cost. Although the HDHR price is only available for one day, the racers will be able to upgrade their passes for an extended time and the deadline, should there be one, will be clearly communicated to us, so don’t worry about your racer’s pass!

The race team will also be selling the Fast Pass again this season.  Those sales will begin after Thanksgiving and will be dual mountain passes for use Sunday-Friday, excluding Nov. 27, 2014 – Nov. 28, 2014; Dec. 25, 2014 – Jan. 2, 2015.The Fast Pass is available to kids schooled in the Big Bear Valley from elementary through high school and the forms will be available through the school offices, Parks and Rec, and Goldsmith’s Board House after Thanksgiving.

Membership information will be available on the website on Wednesday, October 1.  Memberships will be “on time” as long as they are RECEIVED by October 19.  The packet will be completed through the new EZ Waiver website and that address will be posted on October 1.  The only additional items you will need to turn in are the copy of your racer’s medical insurance card and the fees.  The reason why the EZ Waiver address is delayed is because the website is being completely refreshed to make sign ups easier and it won’t be ready until Wednesday.

The deadline for USSA membership renewal is Wednesday, October 15.  After the 15th the fees rise significantly.

Finally, Dryland training for race team members is scheduled to begin Monday, October 20.


Barbara Boucher

Please be advised the completed SSRT Membership Packets and fees are due 10/19/14.  Be sure to contact the Membership Coordinator, Maureen Auer, prior to that date to make arrangements for turning in your complete packet, (including copy of medical insurance card and fees for the season).  Maureen can be reached at #(760) 522-5250 or

Also, if you are out of town and would like to mail in your packet, please mail directly to Maureen, as follows:

Maureen Auer

P.O. Box 6848, PMB 339

Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

It might be a good idea to call Maureen before you mail to go over the packet and fees to make sure everything is correct.  If you are mailing, please be sure to send it well before 10/19/14, so that it is received by the 19th.  Otherwise, it will be considered late and additional fees will be assessed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Maureen directly.  Otherwise, looking forward to a great season and seeing all of you at the Welcome Back BBQ, Ski Swap, Membership Meeting and Uniform Handout on Sunday, 10/26/14, (time & location to be announced).