Development (“D”) Team

Development Team

The purpose of the Development Team program is to teach the basic techniques of skiing to children from 7 to 16 who are low intermediate through advanced skiers and who are not ready for racing because of their skills, maturity, or interest. The program will introduce ski racing gradually by teaching racing techniques and format as the skiers become ready. Each athlete should learn to ski naturally, developing his/her own style. D-Team members may move up to the Race Team by satisfactorily passing the BASE (Basic Alpine Skill Evaluation) test, though move up is not mandatory. The D-Team serves both children who wish to become better recreational skiers and those desiring to race.

The “Vision” for the athlete who successfully participates in the Development Program is that every athlete has a positive relationship to Alpine Skiing. Even if the athlete does not go on to racing, that athlete will be able to ski with confidence in all conditions and in any terrain. We strongly believe that the young athlete who graduates from the Development team coaching program will possess all the inherent skills of an advanced young skier, and certainly many do posses the necessary objective skills to take and pass the test to make the Race Team. A D-Team athlete is a confidant skier, has excellent basic skills, and can ski any terrain and in any condition.