Teams Overview

All members will join the Snow Summit Alpine Teams.

We no longer have a “development team”. Racers are divided by u-level and grouped by skills being developed. At the age of 12, athletes may choose between competition and all mountain focus.

Service Hours Policy


Race Work

In order for the SSRT and BBSEF to host top level races for the racers, we need all families to learn proper race administration with well-run professional race workers. To master that goal, we need everyone interested in earning credit for working races to take the entry level Competition Official class, purchase their Official’s License from US Ski and Snowboard Association, and to work at least one race.

Like other sports organizations for children, US Ski and Snowboard Association has mandated that anyone working with children, or who has a position of authority over children, must have a background check and complete Safe Sport certification. This is included with the Officials’ License, which is another reason why the license is required.

All Alpine Team parents are eligible to work races. They just need to get licensed and take the classes to train them. US Ski and Snowboard has set the cost at $80, plus the division fee of $38, so the final fee is $118 to become an Alpine Official. We are not forcing members to get the certification, but we really need schooled race workers, actually even more than last season.

This season we will be hosting 4 US Ski and Snowboard races: January 29, January 30, February 26 and February 27. We will host 5 Goldsmith races. We also expect to host a Memorial Race in March. At this time we cannot give you exact race dates for those additional races.

Each family may work additional hours, which will earn credit toward membership for next season or travel costs for away races this season. For the purpose of figuring out the race credit, we are going to value the hourly effort at $12.50. Thus, a 4-hour work effort will earn a $50 credit. The family credit may be earned per racer, with a maximum of two racers.

Race work values are determined by the length of the race worked. If we have a large field of competitors, the work effort may be 4, 6, or up to 8 hours. Our US Ski and Snowboard races are probably closer to 4 hours, because the field of racers is smaller. You must sign in when you come to work a race to get your credit. Work credits will be issued after the work effort is completed. We will have someone at a table signing workers in and out.

We are expecting Far West to be holding online certification classes, but they have a new administrator and the certification information is not yet available. For more information, after October 1 you can go to: for the class, and go to for information on the online certification sessions.

We expect to hold an update and a referee class at Snow Summit.



The BBSEF relies upon fundraising to bridge the gap between the coaching budget and membership dues. This season we request that each member family from the Snow Summit Alpine Teams donate one $50-value basket to the major BBSEF fundraiser, the “Think Snow!” We would like you to donate something that you would want to buy from a business or concession near you.

The “Think Snow!” will be held at Snow Summit on Saturday, November 6 from 2:00-6:00. (Daylight Savings ends at 2:00 AM November 7, 2021.)

In addition to the 1 mandatory donation valued at $50 or more from each family, those who wish to earn work or travel credit may provide up to 4 auction-ready donations valued at least $50 each, for which they will earn 4 hours of credit each; and work up to 8 hours of set up, event work, or clean up, valued at 1-hour of credit per hour worked. This additional work off will provide up to $300 credit per racer, up to 2.

In March we will host a Memorial Race. We provide silent auction items for the race. Each family may provide donations for the race, also for 4 hours per $50 value.


Save This Date!

We will hold a Community Snow Sports Swap on Sunday, October 24, 2021. The Swap will be held in the morning at Snow Summit in the Handicap Parking lot up against the building. The Swap will run from 9-12. This is a great opportunity to sell and purchase equipment that your racer has outgrown, get a discounted barely-used uniform, and talk to some equipment representatives about your racer’s needs. Make sure that you bring your racer’s current height measurement, weight, and U-level.

Later that day, from 12-3, we will hold the “Welcome Back BBQ” lunch and program orientation. Please plan to attend!

Membership Fees


Membership Discounts


IKON pass purchase will provide the athlete a $100 discount off the athlete’s membership fee.


Early Membership

Early membership ends October 24, 2021. A late fee of $100 is charged starting the 25th of October.


Large Family Discount

Families with more than two racers will receive a discount of 35% off the membership fee for the racers after the first two.


Employee Discount

Families of BBMR employees will receive a discount for each of their racers on team.


Service Hours

Please note that there are opportunities for race and fundraising work to lower fees. Please read the 2021-2022 BBSEF Service Hour Policy for further information.



BBSEF does considerable fundraising to provide scholarships to assist racers. Apply for scholarships now under Membership Tab

Memberships are due by Sunday, October 24, 2021.

There is a $100 Late Fee assessed for each returning skier whose membership is received after October 24, 2021. That includes payment, releases, and US Ski and Snowboard Association membership. Payment may be paid online, in cash or by check. Members will be allowed to make payment by check in up to three checks, all of which are due with the membership materials. Checks may be dated October 24, 2021, November 30, 2021, and January 30, 2022. If you are making three payments, each payment should be equal to at least one-third of the total balance. The checks are due by October 24, or a late fee will be charged.

If you need to write checks dated into the future, staple a “post it” note on the check with one staple so it is obvious that that check needs to be held and not deposited right away.

If you have to mail your checks, use the following address and make sure that your postmark will be by October 18 so they are received by October 24. If you are ordering your check to be mailed by your bank, order it to be delivered by October 22.

Snow Summit Race Team

PO Box 1384

Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

If you have a problem or a question, contact Barbara Boucher.


Adult-sized Jacket $243.97
Junior-sized Jacket $197.47
Adult-sized Full Zip Pants $180.62
Junior-sized Full Zip Pants $113.54
Adult-sized Soft Shell $78.19
Junior-sized Soft Shell $62.71