Mountain Bike Camp

SSRT Mountain bike camps


Camps will be 5 hours long. They will provide 4.5 hours of instruction/riding plus a 30-minute lunch break. Head Coach, Ian Odom, is a professional racer and certificated instructor through ICP Bike. Sara Schacht will be working with the younger riders. Both Ian and Sara are professional coaches with current “Safe Sport” certification.

The camps are for riders ages 7-17 with skills from novice to advanced who wish to focus on bettering their technical bike skills. When ready, they will expand their focus to jumping, advanced cornering skills, rock garden proficiency, and line choice.

All participants must be able to complete a 5+ mile ride with elevation changes and some climbing. Campers will be divided into three groups: novice, intermediate, and advanced.



Campers will progress faster with more practice, so we are offering an incentive for attendance at more than one camp.

  • The cost is $85 per day, or $160 for the weekend ($17.78/hour) per rider.
  • The 2nd weekend costs $150 ($16.67/hour) per rider.
  • The 3rd weekend costs $140 ($15.56/hour) per rider.
  • 4 or more weekends cost $130 ($14.44/hour) per rider.



 If you sign up for a 2-day camp, it will cost $160. If you later sign up for a second 2-day camp, it will cost $150.

If you sign up for two camps up front, both camps will cost $150 each.



Campers will need

A mountain bike with front and rear brakes, a helmet, gloves, sunblock, goggles/sunglasses, a snack, a lunch or money to purchase a lunch, a refillable water bottle or Camelback, and a bike park ticket or pass. They may also want to wear elbow and knee pads.

Camps are Saturday and Sunday. Campers who sign up for all six camps will receive a bike jersey and will be eligible to participate in an extra final weekend camp that will be LOTS of FUN!



  • Camp 1 June 11-12
  • Camp 2 June 25-26
  • Camp 3 July 9-10
  • Camp 4 July 16-17
  • Camp 5 August 13-14
  • Camp 6 August 27-28


Riders should arrive by 8:45 so they are ready to go by 9:00. They will be ready to be picked up at 2:00.


Registration steps

The registration process is to be completed by the participant’s legal guardian if participant is under 18. By filling out the form and signing the documents, you are acknowledging that you are, in fact a legal guardian and that you have permission to sign on behalf of the skier.

Fill Out Registration Form & Sign Documents

The first step of the registration process will be to fill out a registration form. A separate form has to be filled out for each participant. Once you have filled out all of the required information and hit submit, you will be redirected to three documents. The required information will already be filled in automatically based on the information from the registration from.

You will be prompted to electronically sign the following documents after submitting the registration form:

Please read through these documents with your child thoroughly, make sure that all information is correct, and electronically sign the document. It is important that both guardian and skier read and understand all documents before signing. All signers will be emailed a signed copy of each document once completed. Please hold onto these for future reference.


If the participant is under 18, then the participant is required to sign each document in addition to the legal guardian. Separate documents (BBSEF Multi-Purpose Release and SSRT Release of Liability) will be emailed to the child’s email to be signed upon submission of the Registration Form. It is important that the documents get signed by both participant and guardian before the camp. Failing to do so will result in not being able to participate in the camp.

If the skier is 18 or older, then they are allowed to fill out and sign the required documents without needing a legal guardian to sign. Please note it may still be helpful to fill everything out with a guardian as there may still be some information that pertains to them.

First time this summer?

If it is your first time attending the camp this summer, you must register and sign the required release forms. If you have already attended a camp this summer, you can go straight to signing up and paying for a camp.