2020 Dick Kun Kids’ Ski Camp

To register for the 2020 Dick Kun Kids’ Ski Camp, go to:


 NOTE: This camp is endowed by community donations and is intended for local children only.


Please fill out the registration questionnaire and complete the 3 release forms.

You can pay the $50 fee with a credit card on the site, or you can pay cash or with a check on the first day of the camp, January 6. We will be contacting you after we receive the registration forms.


View the flyer:

2020 Dick Kun Kids’ Ski Camp flyer



  1. The camp is at Snow Summit.
  2. The hours are 8:30-Noon.
  3. The first day we will meet in the team room, “Tyndall Haus,” which is located inside the Season Locker room near chair 2 and SoCal Marketplace.
  4. The rest of the week, the campers will meet their coaches at the base area. They will also be picked up there. We will show you where on that first Monday.
  5. The parents will receive a “Drop Off Pass” that first morning. The Drop Off Pass is not a parking pass. It allows you to drive to the Drop Off area, put your flashers on, park and walk your skier to training, and then leave. Your car must not be left for more than 15-20 minutes. You may also use it for pick up. You will drive up, park with your flashers on, go to collect your skier, and escort the skier to your car.
  6. If you want to stay longer, you will need to find a parking place.
  7. If your skier has equipment, he/she may use that, but if not, the equipment voucher will allow you to rent equipment for the duration of the camp for $25.
  8. Each participant will receive a ticket each day. Your skier’s ticket is good all day, but if you want your skier to ski longer, you will need to accompany him/her. The coaches are only available from 8:30-12:00. You will need to take custody of your racer at noon.
  9. Make sure that you bring your skier(s) with clothes appropriate for the weather. They will need dry socks, dry gloves, a long sleeve t-shirt, sweatshirt, waterproof snowpants (not jeans), and goggles or sunglasses, besides the helmet, boots, poles, and skis that they will rent.
  10. We will put them in jackets to identify them as a part of the camp.
  11. Please remember to feed them breakfast before they come.
  12. There is water available at the area, but they may want a granola bar or
    powerbar for a snack.


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