2020 THINK SNOW Volunteer Request

The SSRT “THINK SNOW” event needs volunteers to make this event successful and you have the opportunity to earn up to 10 hours of WORK-OFF credit with just this event! Please look at the list below to see when you can help out and get signed up ASAP. There are MORE and some different jobs than in years past, due to our unique venue location this year! Sign-ups will be a first-come, first-serve opportunity. 



Summit Venue Set-Up Crew 3-6 pm: 8 volunteers needed for lifting/moving, decorating and trucks for moving items to the venue. Work-off credit of 3 hours 



Before event: 

Summit Venue Set-Up 7:30 am -10:30am: 4 volunteers needed for final lifting/moving, decorating and cars/drivers for moving auction items. Work-off credit of 3 hours 

Summit Venue Silent Auction Set up 8:30a-11:30a: 3 Volunteers needed for help setting up and staging of auction items. Work off credit of 3 hours 

During event: 

Guest Check-in at Venue 12:30-2pm: 5 volunteers needed to help with checking in of guests. Work off credit of 1.5 hours. 

**Silent Auction Runners 3-5 pm: 6 volunteers are needed for running baskets and payments for auction items. Work-off credit 2 hours 

Live Auction Spotters 3- 4:30pm: 6 volunteers needed for being spotters during the live auction, will help MC locate bidders and document winning bids) Work-off credit of 1.5 hours 

After Event Clean up at Venue 5-7pm: 4 volunteers needed to help clean up and put away items following the event, moving tables, etc. Work off credit of 2 hours. 



Venue Final Clean-Up 8 – 10 am: 4 volunteers needed to do final clean up of the venue the morning after. Work-off credit of 2 hours. 

** In the past this is what the the older race team members were able to help us out with, but due to COVID restrictions, they are not allowed to participate this year, so we need adult volunteers! 


Please email Heather Devito at with your preferred volunteer job and time slot as soon as possible to reserve your spot. 


Thanks for your support, 

SSRT Fundraising


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