2021 Community Ski Swap

October 24, 2021

9:00 am

Date/Time: Sunday, Oct. 24th 9am to 12pm

Location: Snow Summit Parking Lot

If your racer has outgrown their equipment, bring it for another family — and they’ll do the same for you. The Ski Swap will be a great place to bargain shop for ski racing equipment for the upcoming season. Atomic, Head, POC, GetBoards and Goldsmiths reps will also be on-site for sizing.

This is a great opportunity to get a discounted barely-used uniform and ski gear that your racer will need for the upcoming season. Make sure that you bring your racer’s current height measurement, weight, and U-level. Please read through the guidelines below to get all the information!

What and How to Sell at the Swap

Skis, Boots, Poles, Armor, Speed Suits, Stealth Suits, Pole Guards, Race Backpacks, Helmets, Race Gloves, Tuning Equipment (We will not be selling non-ski related gear. Please do not bring ‘vintage’ or outdated equipment – it will not be accepted for sale.)

  1. Dust off your race equipment and decide what you want to sell at this year’s swap. Clean it up so it’s ready to sell, and decide what you would like to sell it for.
  2. Be realistic when you are pricing. Remember that although you may have spent $700 on the skis, they are now used. Why would someone choose to buy something used when they could get something new for almost the same price?
  3. Bring it to the Snow Summit base area by 8:45 AM to set up. Be thinking about how you will display your gear for sale.
  4. You will need to have someone watch your items at all times. You can arrange to share the oversight with someone else who is also selling items. To Purchase at the Swap

To Purchase at the Swap

  • Bring CASH! Some sellers may accept checks, but we can’t guarantee that they will be accepted at the swap.
  • Bring your racer, to make sure the size works. There will be no returns.
  • Bring your questions. We will have coaches and equipment reps on hand to help you with questions regarding condition, appropriate sizing and length.
  • Shop early! The swap will be open for shopping at 9 AM. There will be no holds placed on
    any gear.
  • Remember that members will be selling uniforms at the swap.

After the Swap

  • Tally up your gear sales. We expect that you will donate 10% to the team. We will add your donations to our uniform fund.
  • Clean up your selling area. It is your responsibility to help us leave no trace behind that we had an event.
  • Drop off your skis for a pre-season tune or to have bindings adjusted or mounted by the professional of your choice. Getboards and Goldsmith’s have great prices for SSRT families to get your gear in race condition, and to keep it that way all season long.
  • Getboards and Goldsmith’s will also be available to provide families the chance to order equipment with the race team discount. We’ll also have Rep’s from Atomic and Head on hand to answer questions. We’ll also have raffles for mountain skis, helmets and poles!


All equipment is sold “as is” and there are absolutely no warranties for condition or suitability for your racer.

Information Booth
There will be an information booth at the Ski Swap where you can talk to a coach and/or SSRT representative with any questions you might have about the program. This will also be the location to drop off any silent auction baskets for the THINK SNOW! Fundraiser.


Contact Doug Kossak (909) 227-8887 or


**PLEASE READ- important gear information**

USSA and FAR WEST Helmet rules:

  • U14 and above must have a FIS helmet for competitions and official training
  • U12 and below at least must have a helmet “designed for ski racing” but FIS approved helmets are recommended for U8-U12 athletes.
  • NO Helmet camera mounts may be worn. Helmets shall have no spoilers nor protruding parts.


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