2022 THINK SNOW Silent and Live Auction Guidelines

The BBSEF relies upon fundraising to bridge the gap between the equipment needs, travel fees, coaching budget and membership dues.

SILENT AUCTION BASKET (MANDATORY DONATION): The THINK SNOW event is BBSEF’s major fundraiser of the year and therefore we request each member family from the Snow Summit Race Team donate one Silent Auction Basket valued at $75 or more. If you are unable to donate a basket, there is the option of a $100 BUY-OUT that is due BEFORE the THINK SNOW event. If you DO NOT donate a Silent Auction Basket and fail to pay the BUY-OUT fee, your racer(s) will not be able to race in the GOLDSMITH races until this fee is paid.

Pay for BUY-OUT Here

In addition to the one MANDATORY donation basket from each family, those who wish to earn work or travel credit may provide up to 4 donations each valued at least of $75 or more each, for which they will earn 6 hours of credit each.

LIVE AUCTION: If you have connections for larger donation items such as big value items, trips or experiences please consider reaching out to those organizations for a donation to our program. Please let the fundraising team know if you have something like this that you could arrange to be a part of this year’s LIVE auction! Providing a LIVE Auction item will cover your requirement for the Silent Auction Basket.

SILENT AUCTION BASKET DROP OFF: We need to get silent auction baskets in, as early before the event as possible.

Basket drop off will be available:

  • Ski Swap / Welcome Back Lunch- Oct 23 (Snow Summit)
  • Dryland training on Sundays-(at racer pick up 11:30a) Nov 6 & 13th (Bear Mountain)
  • Big Bear Convention Center- Friday Nov 11th & Fri Nov 18th (4-7pm)
  • DEADLINE- Donation baskets can be dropped off absolutely NO LATER than NOV
    19th at 7-9am at the event venue- Big Bear Convention Center

**If you drop off your silent auction basket AFTER the deadline it will not be at the THINK SNOW event and will be used in our Memorial Race Fundraiser later in the season.

VOLUNTEER/WORK OFF: This event runs completely on SSRT Race Team VOLUNTEERS! We need help BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the THINK SNOW event. You will receive WORK OFF CREDIT for your time.

Below you will find the donation request letter on SSRT letterhead with 501c3 information that you can edit to suit your needs for your specific donation request. Also attached is the donation slip that you MUST PRINT OUT and FILL OUT completely when you drop off your basket to make sure your family receives the credit for each donation. If we receive a basket without a donation slip, it is very difficult to track down to find out who should get the credit!

SSRT-In-Kind-Donation-Letter – use this for donation requests

SSRT Donor Slip – Please PRINT and FILL out this donor slip and ATTACH it to you baskets

Watch: THINK SNOW AUCTION BASKET VIDEO – assistance on silent auction baskets


For further information to coordinate the Personal Shopper option or if you have a potential Live Auction donation please contact Laura Gehr at (909) 649-2513 or


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