ImPACT Concussion Testing

The ImPACT Concussion Test is a series of computer based neurocognitive tests/games that measures visual and verbal memory, reaction time and processing speed. We have the athlete take this test pre-season to establish baseline scores and give the healthcare professional an accurate picture of your healthy brain function. In the event that an athlete experiences any head injury an ImPACT post-injury test can be taken to assess brain status, make concussion treatment decisions and determine return to activity readiness.


All ski team members who are over the age of 12 or will be by 12/31/22 are required to take the ImPACT Concussion Baseline Test. This means if you are a U14, U16, U18 or U21 athlete you need to take the ImPACT test. The test needs to be retaken and updated every 2 years, so if you are over 12 and did not take the test last year you need to retest once again this year.
The ImPACT test that we utilize is only made for 12-59 year olds, therefore that is why we wait until the athletes are 12 and over.


ImPACT tests can now be administered at home as long as you have access to a computer and internet connection. Tests cannot be taken on phones or tablets.


Heather Devito will be contacting parents via email AFTER 10/23/22 who have an athlete that is required to take or retake the ImPACT concussion. She will be sending you all the instructions needed to take the test at home including the required instructions video and link to the baseline test. There are unique codes for each member that she will be sending, so if you have multiple athletes in your family needing to test, you will get individual codes for each athlete in your family. Please have your athlete(s) complete the test as soon as possible, especially if they are participating in any SSRT Dryland Training sessions. All tests need to be completed no later than 11/20/22 and athletes will required to have completed their ImPACT testing before any on the snow training with the team.


If you have any questions regarding ImPACT testing please contact Heather at:


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