Remembering Terry McDonald

Terry McDonald was a beloved employee of Snow Summit and Big Bear Mountain Resort since 1974, playing a key role in several different departments at the resorts. He had great influence in architecture, planning and carpentry at Snow Summit and Bear Mountain. More recently, he was the health and safety manager before and during Covid, but what Terry was most well-known for was the decades he served as the Ski Patrol Director.

Known to many by his patrol radio call sign “501,” he had a radiant smile that you could see from across the Snow Summit Base area. Terry would stop and have conversations with everyone, because he truly cared about each and every person he came across. Forever the optimist, he was known for announcing each upcoming winter as the “Biggest one yet!” and, “Nothin’ but the best!”

Terry McDonald passed away suddenly on 2/28/21. He was husband to Cathy, father to daughters, Lisa and Holly; a grandfather, brother, and son, as well as beloved friend and mentor to countless others in the community.

After his passing, Wade Reeser, Big Bear Mountain Resort president said, “I believe Terry will be remembered most for the special way he was able to infuse positivity, compassion, goodwill and kindness into so many lives. There will be a huge hole in the heart of the BBMR family that will only be filled by the joy of knowing Terry is skiing at the ultimate resort every day now.” Snow Summit Race Team agrees with that sentiment as we fondly remember Terry and his lasting impact on our community.





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