SSRT is looking for TEAM CAPTAINS

Team Captains will:

  • Help the coaches with administrative duties
  • Help to set up training courses for their U-level group
  • Assist in the analysis of training videos
  • Take Safe Sport certification
  • Complete a Background Check if 18 years old
  • Become an Alpine Competition Official, an online course and test
  • Assist with coaching the Dick Kun Kids’ Ski Camp
  • Commit an extra 2-3 hours per week to assist during the season and 4 hours per day for the DKKSC

Program Goal: The Team Captain Mentorship will provide participating athletes leadership positions and train them in the basics of coaching and officiating alpine race competitions.

This program will:

  • Provide the team captains a chance to observe how coaches work with multiple athletes with differing skill levels and areas of improvement
  • Allow the captains to learn the purposes of the different activities the coaches employ to motivate the racers and shape their skill development
  • Provide the team captains with certifications that they can use at BBMR or with other programs
  • Allow the captains to demonstrate their leadership, which is important for athletes considering college
  • Also provide evidence of volunteer hours for those interested in college


  • U18/21
  • 3 or more years on team
  • Full-Time SSRT member
  • High School weighted GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • A three paragraph statement of why you want to be chosen as a Team Captain
  • Each paragraph should be a minimum of three sentences

2022 SSRT-BBSEF Team Captains Flyer

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A link to the team captain application is also available in the ‘Membership Information’ dropdown of the main menu.


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