SSRT Sweatshirt Pre-Orders

The first pre-order deadline has already passed, those sweatshirts should be delivered in early December. We will be doing a second run of the team sweatshirts with a deadline of FRIDAY, DEC 23rd.

This year we are offering both the PULLOVER HOODED SWEATSHIRT for $30 (as shown) and also we have a new ZIP UP HOODED SWEATSHIRT for $40. There again is the option to ADD a NAME to the front RIGHT side for an additional $5. Both sweatshirts are NAVY BLUE.

PLEASE PRINT OUT , and then FILL OUT the attached form completely and then EMAIL it to by Friday December 23rd. Sweatshirts have to be PREPAID via CHECK or CASH (can be mailed) or PayPal (QR code attached) by Dec 23rd as well.


SSRT Sweatshirt Pre-Order Form

PayPal QR code:


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