The Snow Summit Race Team Recognizes Fred Goldsmith’s Legacy

Fred grew up in Big Bear. A true outdoorsman, he loved Big Bear and all the great activity it offered a growing boy. From riding horses, exploring and hiking, he loved it all. He learned to ski in Big Bear at Snow Summit, Snow Forest, and Rebel Ridge. He raced for the ski club at Summit, and was twice named Player of the Year for skiing for Big Bear High School.

After high school, Fred attended college for a year and then was drafted into the Army. He was sent to Germany and assigned to patrol the old Czechoslovakian border. While there, he tried out for the Armed Forces Alpine Ski Team and was chosen as an alternate. He trained and competed with the Cross Country and Biathlon teams.

After his military commitment was completed, Fred returned to Big Bear, where he started teaching skiing at Snow Summit and coaching for his former ski club. He became the Assistant Ski School Director at Snow Summit, and worked with the local schools and the Parks and Recreation Department to develop skiing programs.

In 1963, the Big Bear Ski Club was started. The name was later changed to the Snow Summit Race Team. Fred was named the head coach and the program grew so much that they needed a clubhouse. Fred, and a small group of team parents, volunteered their time, signed for a construction loan, and built the Tyndall Haus. The building that they built was used for several years, and when the team outgrew it, it became the Pfeiffer Sport Shop, and now is part of the rental shop. The team room has moved twice, but is still named the Tyndall Haus.

In 1970, Fred and a group of investors purchased the Moonridge Ski Area. They renamed it Goldmine Ski Area, and made plans to put in the first chairlifts. They got the first lift completed in 1974, but the cost of the improvements and the lack of snow the following season forced them into bankruptcy.

In 1975, Fred returned to Snow Summit and served as Mountain Manager until 1987, when he opened Goldsmith’s Sports. Fred and Goldsmith’s Sports have been generous supporters of our Snow Summit Race Team members and programs. They offer equipment discounts, rentals for the Dick Kun Kids’ Ski Camps, and sponsor our Goldsmith Race series.

Over the years, Fred has helped with the development of Bear Mountain and Snow Summit and helped to promote skiing and develop youth snowsports programs and ski racing. He has been instrumental in making Big Bear Lake the popular year-round resort town that it is today.

Fred passed on September 12, 2023.

In lieu of flowers, please offer a Charitable Gift in the Memory of Fred Goldsmith to the Big Bear Ski Educational Foundation. Donors will receive a tax deductible charitable donation receipt.

Offer a charitable gift in memory of Fred Goldsmith


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