Please read the following information carefully and acknowledge at the bottom of the page to start the Registration Process.

The registration process is to be completed by the skier’s legal guardian. By filling out the form and signing the documents, you are acknowledging that you are, in fact a legal guardian and that you have permission to sign on behalf of the skier.

Before registering, it is expected that you have already read Membership Information carefully. If you have not yet done so, then please click the links below for more information. It should answer any questions you may have.

Registration Process

Fill Out Registration Form

The first step of the registration process will be to fill out a registration form. A separate form has to be filled out for each skier. 

After registration, you will be required to complete the following releases and documents:

You can find these documents on the Releases Page.

Please read through these documents with your child thoroughly, make sure that all information is correct, and electronically sign the document. It is important that both guardian and skier read and understand all documents before signing. All signers will be emailed a signed copy of each document once completed. Please hold onto these for future reference.

Registration Tip

You will be asked for various information including, but not limited to the following. In order to make the registration process go quickly and smoothly, please have all of the following information handy:

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the registration process.