Code of Conduct

Members of the Snow Summit Race Team and their families are expected to take care of their equipment, uniform, and the race team premises as well as the ski area.  They are expected to treat the member families, coaches and one another with respect and kindness. They will listen to their coaches and give their best effort to improving their conditioning and skills.  Members will maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA for race team membership, as proven by school progress reports.


Certain specific behaviors will result in disciplinary action.  Those offenses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Disrespect of team members, coaches, race officials, parents, Club officials, Snow Summit employees or customers, etc.
  • Profanity, especially in the Tyndall Haus or while in uniform at Snow Summit or other ski areas.
  • Disobedience
  • Smoking or the use of tobacco
  • Physical violence or threats of physical violence
  • Lying
  • Harassment, either physical or verbal
  • Stealing
  • Use of narcotics, controlled substances, or alcohol
  • Breaking rules at Snow Summit or other ski areas, such as jumping off of lift towers, skiing recklessly, throwing trash off the lift or elsewhere, “cutting” in lift lines, throwing objects or snow from the lift, snowball throwing, jumping in unauthorized or unsafe places, etc.
  • Tampering with property or equipment, vandalism, or stealing from a team member, the Club, or Snow Summit.


Tyndall Haus (Clubhouse) Rules

  1. The clubhouse is to remain locked at all times.
  2. The clubhouse is only for the use of current Club members.  Please request that guests wait outside.
  3. The adult Club members may sign to take the key out from the Snow Summit Host Department office to allow racers in for training and must accompany them until the racers are out of the clubhouse.  No racers are to be left unattended in the Tyndall Haus under any circumstances.  
  4. A member may request that an adult “guardian” be permitted to sign out keys for allowing racers into the clubhouse.  The name of that “guardian” will be placed on the list with the security office upon board notification. No changes are to be made to the list in security except by the Ski Club President or membership chairman.
  5. Member parents may escort guests into the clubhouse, but guardians may not bring guests.
  6. Coaches may escort non-member guests into the clubhouse.  Coaches’ spouses are considered non-member guests.
  7. Only race team members’ and coaches’ equipment may be stored in the clubhouse. Because the team is large and space limited, member families (that is, parents or siblings) may not store equipment or clothing in the clubhouse.  They need to get a season locker or use basket check for their equipment.
  8. Only racers, coaches, and member parents may use the tuning table.
  9. When the Club sponsors a race at Snow Summit, these rules modify to include individuals with race business to be permitted to conduct their business in the clubhouse.
  10. All Club members, racers, and racers’ parents are responsible for the enforcement of these rules.


Duties of Race Team Parents

All parents’ duties include:

  1. Prompt delivery of racers to and from the clubhouse
    1. Although preferred parking is not available to race team parents, race team families are allowed to use their “Drop Off” pass to deliver their racer or pick him up.  Remember that parking in the “Drop Off” area is limited to 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. No smoking or drinking of alcoholic beverages in the clubhouse
  3. Attendance at all general meetings
  4. Keeping informed of what is going on with the club by reading email messages and by checking in the clubhouse for posted notices.
  5. If your child is injured in any manner or under any circumstance, it is your obligation to ensure that he/she is healed before returning to practice or participating in racing.  If your child sustains any head injury, we require that you get written medical clearance to return to training. This will be turned in to a Board member and stored in the racer’s file.
  6. Follow the rules for guests set up by Snow Summit for the Big Bear Mountain Resorts.



A Disciplinary Committee made up of Board and Snow Summit representatives will enforce these basic rules, as outlined in the contract between Snow Summit and the Club.  For relatively minor offenses in the opinion of the coaching staff, discipline such as suspension of skiing privileges or loss of Clubhouse privileges for up to three days, trash pickup, etc., can be enforced by the coaching committee.  If, in the coaches’

opinion, the offense calls for more severe discipline, such as more than three days’ loss of skiing and training privileges, missing of one or more ski races, etc., then the coaching committee and the discipline committee will establish an appropriate punishment while suspending the offender until such punishment is established.  A written record of each offense will be kept in the athlete’s personal folder.


A more detailed description of the Discipline Committee and Disciplinary Guidelines can be found in the separate Discipline Guidelines booklet.


Travel Code of Conduct

All behavioral rules which apply to SSRT members at home also apply when they are traveling.  

  • Transportation of racers participating in team travel can only be provided by the team travel parent or the SSRT team coach.  These adults have submitted their driving record to the team auto insurance company and have been cleared to transport racers.  There can be no exceptions.
  • Racers need to be responsible for their own equipment and must not use other racers’ equipment without their express permission.
  • All traveling racers must be responsible to the needs and directions of the adult supervisors and coaches.  
  • While traveling, racers must be respectful of the property in which they stay.  It must be kept clean and orderly at all times.
  • Adherence to the coaches’ schedule, whether it be training, meeting with team members and coaches, or activities on the hill is a necessity at all times.
  • Serious disciplinary violations can result in the immediate suspension of the racer from participating in the event at which they have traveled.  In some cases, racers may even be sent home.
  • No person involved in team travel may possess alcoholic beverages in the living quarters of the racers, team travel parents, or coaches.
  • Any disciplinary problems on team travel will be reported immediately upon return (or during the event) to the race team administrator.
  • As representatives of the team and Snow Summit, excellent sportsmanship must be demonstrated at all times.


My racer and I have read, understand, and agree to comply with these rules and codes of conduct.


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