Team App

This year we will be using the SPOND app as the main channel for team communication this upcoming season. 

You should have received an email from Spond asking you to join, please check your spam folder if you have not seen it yet. 
If you still do not see it then please download the app and create a sign in. If your email is connected to the group it will automatically add you in. 
If that does not happen then please email coach Cal at and let him know so he can add you into the appropriate group. 

There are different groups for the different age teams. So if you have a U8 racer and a U14 racer for example, then you will be in the U8/10 Rippers group and the U14 group. Make sure you are in the appropriate group(s) for each of your children. 

** If you do not want to receive all the comments or the notices about other members accepting invites, etc….then simply go to your profile icon (little circle) then to PUSH NOTIFICATIONS- this will allow you to toggle on and off each push notification. Just make sure you keep “Invitation to events” and “New posts, polls or payments” to ON, so that you do not miss any important information that the team/coaches will post!