All Mountain Team

IMPORTANT NOTE: new members are required to begin training on the Development Team before being accepted on any Snow Summit Race Teams.

Program Details

The All Mountain Team is a weekend only program.

While the underlying focus of weekend race team is designed to prepare racers for competitive racing, the All Mountain Team focuses on further skill development with more time on the snow in a variety of terrain. The team will ski at Summit, Bear Mountain, and most likely make at least one travel trip to Mammoth Mountain (see the SSRT Team Travel Guidelines booklet for information on team travel).

Training is provided 10 hours a week for 17 to 18 weeks.

* Members are required to provide their own equipment.

Membership Fees

Note: fees for the Weekend Race team are also shown for comparison.

Part Time Race TeamsFEEPASS**UNIFORMGoldsmith Race FeeFundraising FeeTOTALAfter 10/27/19
All Mountain Team 13 & under$1,700$50Purchase$75$100$1,925$2,025
All Mountain Team 14 & over$1,700$100Purchase$75$100$1,975$2,075
Weekend Race Team 13 & under$1,700$50Purchase$75$100$1,925$2,075
Weekend Race Team 14 & over$1,700$100Purchase$75$100$1,975$2,125

Additional Fees

Team members are required to join USSA and Far West communities. Since they are not participating in US Ski and Snowboard Association or Far West races, their membership category is General Membership and the fee is $15 for US Ski and Snowboard and $10 for Far West.