Development Team


Development Team

Program Details

The Development Team (“D-Team”) is a supervised weekend program that runs Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 A.M. – 1:30 P.M.

The purpose of this program is to teach the basic techniques of skiing to children, ages 7 to 16, who are low-intermediate through advanced skiers and are not ready for the Race Team or All Mountain Team because of their skills, maturity, or interest.

The program will introduce upper level ski techniques as the skiers become ready for higher level skills. D-Team members may move up to the Race Team or All Mountain Team by satisfactorily passing a skills test. Moving up to the other teams is not immediately mandatory after passing the test. The D-Team serves children who wish to become better recreational skiers and those desiring to race.

The D-Team program is a 16-week program with 9 hours of training each week, 4.5 hours on Saturday and 4.5 hours on Sunday. This season is set to begin December 1, 2018 and finish March 19, 2019.

* Members are required to provide their own equipment.


All skiers will be evaluated by the coaching staff and assigned to the appropriate level. All levels of D-Team require
that the skier:

  • Get up and down the hill independently with confidence and basic skills.
  • Load all chairlifts independently.
  • Learn and follow directions while participating in group activities.

Skiers on the Development Team are still members of the Snow Summit teams and subject to the same rules and
responsibilities mentioned elsewhere in the handbook.

Membership Fees

Additional Fees

Team members are required to join USSA and Far West communities. Additional membership fees include $15 for USSA and $10 for Far West.

Level Up

Once the D-Team members progress through the skill levels, they will be invited to take a skills test. Upon successful completion of the test, the D-Team member will be invited to join the All Mountain Team or the Race Teams.